Yıldızlı Projects Competetion’12

The fourth Yıldızlı Projects Competetion, organised by Yıldız Technical University IEEE Student Association, reached 67 universities around Turkey and 356 projects applications until now. Previous years, the competition was supported by main sponsorships of İstanbul Sanayi Odası, Makine Tanıtım Grubu ve İstanbul Ticaret Odası with motto “Transfer your ideas to Future”. But this year, student association is planning to organize competetion with the support of Yıldız Technical University and YTÜ Technopark A.Ş.

The applications for the competition wich all university students are encouraged to apply, started at February 2. The application period will last aroudn two and a half month and final projects will be chosen and announced on May 11, 2012.

Final day is held on June 27 and projects on final will be exhibited to the evaluations of adademicians and industry staff.

At the end of the day, 3 succeding projects is to be awarded, which most satisfy the needs of the industry, most creative and used university sources efficiently. For the winner, award is 15.000TL, and 2nd is getting  3.000 TL and for 3rd position, award is 2.000 TL. In addition to all, these winner pprojects are getting opportunity of having an open-office at the YTÜ Technopark for 2 years.

There are 5 categories for the projects:

  • Renewable energy sources, energy assurance and quality
  • Mechanic and Electronics, Robotics and Automation Applications
  • Electonic and Telecommunication Applications
  • Software and Internet Applications
  • Mechanic, Material and Production Applications


Deadline of the application is April 27!!