Construction Management

Due to the fragmented unique and complex environment of the construction industry, the advanced management skills and techniques are required to achieve the completion of projects on time, within the budget and according to demanded quality standards. However, the management skills of civil engineering graduates are highly criticized. In order to response these criticisms, the Construction Engineering and Management division has been established in Yildiz Technical University, and the division shows efforts to develop management skills of the students.

Construction Engineering and Management division provides two compulsory courses and four technical elective courses to the undergraduate students. The graduate students can register a high prestigious master program without a thesis. The program offers 38 courses at a variety of levels and specializations with a multi-disciplinary approach throughout two semesters. Also, there are five graduate courses given in English as a part of Master program of civil engineering. In addition, the students can find an opportunity to participate in the research to develop advanced management technologies and approaches. The students are able to pursue their educational and research interests in various fields of construction engineering and management

As a construction engineer and manager, the graduates can plan and oversee the construction operations of a project by conducting site layout, scheduling, selecting equipment, organizing the work crew, managing materials, safeguarding the environment. In addition, the graduates can check and modify the plans and specifications for constructability, efficiency, and safety, develop cost estimates and preparing bids, utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for 3D models, manage subcontractor firms, work with the owner to ensure that the project meets requirements, and solve job site problems.


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