Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering Lab.

I   Experiments for Education Purposes of Undergraduate

Hydrostatic pressure measurements

Headloss measurements


Simulations of various open chanel flow conditions in the Hydaulic Channels and Flumes

Determintation of pressure distribution and hydrodiynamic coefficients around the submerged bodies in wind tunnels.

Sediment Transport

Turbulent Jet flow

Water Hammer

Determination of pump characterization


Hydrology model system: Groundwater, Water interference, surface water flow experiments.

Rainfall Hydrograf System

Determination of Hydraulic parameters for orifice, weir and other hydraulic measurements structure.

Coastal model studies in the wave channel

Coastal model studies in the wave basin 

Seismic design of marine structures

Marine outfall

Shore protection structures (Groin, jetty, Breakwaters etc..)