Our Values

Respect for Human Beings and Environment, Sustainable Development, Student Oriented Principles, Sharing and Reconciliation, Trust, Democratic and Participatory Environment.


Curriculum Goals

To provide a high quality undergraduate program that meet the evolving needs of our students, our department will:

• Endeavor to equip our students with the essential engineering knowledge, analytical, creative, inquisitive, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking ability, spirit of a good team worker, continuous learning and self-development skills at international level.

• Prepare graduates who gained design and implementation skills in Civil engineering systems.


Quality Policy

Our commitment is to educate competent civil engineers and to develop leading projects in accordance with the needs of our country and the world by keeping continual improvement of our quality management system, quality objectives, departmental processes, relations with our students and construction industry.



Professor Mehmet BERILGEN, Ph. D.


Vice Chairman:

Associate Professor Aslı Pelin GÜRGÜN, Ph. D.


Vice Chairman:

 Assistant Professor Tuba BOSTAN, Ph. D.



Administrative Staff:







Sabiha Korkmaz

Mahmut Gülsoy

Abbas Demirel



Auxiliary Personnel:

Emir Aşık



Student Representative:

Sıla Gülşah Tekin  (