Construction Management


Construction management is a sub-discipline of Civil Engineering. Construction industry based on its fragmented, unique and complex structure needs developed management skills and techniques in order to complete construction projects within specified time, quality, standards and budget. Besides, institutionalization of construction companies is not intended level. Also, management ability of Civil Engineering graduates is criticized by construction industry due to their limited management ability.


Construction Management Division within the body of Yildiz Technical University was established and performed studies that would increase the management abilities of the students in order to respond those critics. In addition to increasing management abilities of students, the division has started to make R&D projects and university-industry collaboration that would correspond to industry needs.


Construction Management Division provides one mandatory course and four elective courses to civil engineering students. Moreover, Construction Management Division has a prestigious non-thesis master's degree program to whom graduated students can apply. This program includes 38 courses with a multi-disciplinary approach at the various level and experience. Besides, Construction Management Division provides 6 post graduate courses within the body of M.Sc. Programme in Civil Engineering (English). Furthermore, the opportunity to participate in the research projects new technologies and approaches are developed is provided for the students. In this context, the students will be able to develop their knowledge about construction engineering and management.


Graduates of civil engineering plan and manage construction operations with the construction management education provided by the department. During this process, they successfully carry out projects in terms of mobilization, schedule planning, equipment selection, human resources management, procurement process and health and safety applications. In addition, graduates control and develop plans and specifications in terms of feasibility, safety and productivity. Also, graduates have ability in making budget estimation, preparing bidding documents, using Building Information Modelling systems in order to design 3D models, managing subcontractors and collaborating with clients in order to ensure that the project meets the specified requirements.


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