Construction Materials


The need for material science lies within the engineering term. In the most general sense, the Engineer is the person who designs and builds material systems functioning for the benefit of society. The Engineer always tackles great challenges for material oriented problems. For a physician, what is important for the course of "Anatomy" is "Material Science" for the Engineer. 


The civil engineer selects the most appropriate material from the available materials or manufactures the material that is appropriate to the needs. For this purpose, the civil engineer has to think together with the concepts of durability, functionality and economy. Material science is needed for the selection of materials, development of material properties and production methods, diagnosis of the factors leading deterioration of material and treatment of the material exposed to any damage mechanism.


Construction Materials Division acts under Civil Engineering Department at undergraduate and graduate level education. The division has also been actively involved in national/international scientific and applied research activities.  The Construction Materials Laboratory of the Division serves for undergraduate and graduate level courses, and facilitates an environment to conduct many graduate thesis, national/international research projects and industrial collaboration via YTU Revolving Funds.


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