Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering Lab.


Hydraulics and Coastal-Harbour Engineering Laboratory, serving under the Department of Civil Engineering, is located in a building with a total area of 5000 square meters. This laboratory provides facilities to the students and faculty members for research and educational purposes with an advanced infrastructure. It is one of the precious laboratories in Turkey in terms of its facilities in international development standards.The laboratory is equipped with many advanced instruments with computer-aided measurement systems, and therefore it is involved in several national and international research projects.The laboratory offers applied courses in undergraduate and graduate levels and carries out research projects and thesis studies.


Basic laboratory experiments on fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology and coastal-harbour engineering are conducted for the undergraduate level students in order to provide them with a high level of knowledge about their engineering majors, and give them the opportunity to get more familiar with their profession.


In graduate level, especially in coastal and harbor engineering, the laboratory has shown a rapid progress and become a modern laboratory. The laboratory is in a condition that can conduct research on recent subjects of hydraulics and coastal-harbour engineering using a fairly good technological infrastructure.


The laboratory provides facilities such as wave flumes, water channels and basins for physical model experiments. In addition, several experimental systems (Hydrostatic pressure center apparatus, Minor head losses apparatus, Venturimeter apparatus, Multi-purpose open channel hydraulics experimental flume etc.) are available for various educational and research purposes.


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