Prof.Dr. Kutay Özaydın Geotechnics Laboratory
The Geotechnical Division offers a theoretical and experimental research opportunities in various fields of Geotechnical Science. Main research topics that have been investigated are the anchor sheet pile applications in deep excavations , the seismic behavior of retaining structures, seismic risk analysis, the use of interface elements in foundation engineering applications, model pile tests and model experiments on the bearing capacity of improved soft soils with rammed aggregate piers, model testing system to investigate embedded pipe-soil interaction.
During the experimental and theoretical researches, the most advanced computer programs, analytical and numerical methods are used and there is a wide range of current literature possibilities in the field of education. In addition to the University Computer Center facilities, existing personal computers are used in the Geotechnical Division for postgraduate education.
Geotechnical Division has two laboratories with a wide range of facilities, including Soil Mechanics and Geology Laboratories. In these laboratories, highly sensitive experiments can be carried out with various mechanical and electronic equipment for researches.
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