Road amd Bitumen Laboratory

Research areas of the Road and Bitumen Laboratory

Determining data by experimental methods in order to provide input for highway pavement design

Analyzing the aggregate mixtures used in highway pavements and determining their physical characterstics

Analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of bituminous cement

Analyzing the characteristics of hot and cold asphalt mixtures

Analyzing the characteristics and making use of additive materials in mixtures and cement 

Designing hot asphalt mixture

Designing surface treatment

Investigating advanced asphalt techniques and their applicability in Turkey

Investigating the usage of pigmentory substances in asphalt mixtures

Investigating hot and cold asphalt mixture production techniques and their applicability in Turkey

Analyzing pavement management systems (PMS) and GPS (Geographical Positioning Systems) applications

Investigating pavement failure causes and preparing maintenance and repair programs

Investigating new repair techniques for highway pavement failures

Research Opportunities at the Road and Bitumen Laboratory

Experiments to determine the physical characteristics of aggregates

Experiments to determine the characteristics of bitumen cement (bitumen, asphalt emulsion, liquid petrolium asphalts) 

Experiments on hot and cold asphalt mixtures: Marshall, Indirect Tensile Strength, Statical Creep, Repeated Creep Test

Conducting penetration experiment on mastic asphalt

Designing hot and cold asphalt mixtures and asphalt emulsions

Investigating additive cement materials


Investigating usability of waste materials in asphalt mixtures