Structural Engineering Laboratory


Structural Engineering Laboratory is specially equipped and designed to perform fundamental structural element experiments, which are built using concrete, reinforced concrete and steel materials, and all kinds of structure and structural element experiments that will come from research needs. Large and small scale structure and structural element models can be tested as well as the ability to test 1/1 scale structural elements.


There is a working platform of 7.5 m width and 14 m length in the test hall, specially designed for reinforced concrete tests, which is placed on elastomer supports independent of the structure in which it is located, the structure is made in the form of a tube and it is possible to carry out 1/1 frame tests in the tube. It is possible to create loading systems consisting of more than one force and up to 150 tons each, using special loading holes with a spacing of 100 cm on a specially equipped top deck of 1.00 m thickness. There is also a self-leveling steel loading frame on this deck, capable of loading 15 t of capacity, with a loading frame with 100 t service load on the table.


The laboratory is equipped with a lift of 10 t capacity, lifting height of 5.5 m and equipped with a platform crane. In the laboratory, there are currently 2 actuators with a capacity of 10 t and 3 actuators with a capacity of 30 t; hand pump, electric pump; 3 t, 30 t and 100 t capacitive force gauge, numerous and various precision mechanical comparators; an ADU; a sufficient number of LVDTs, a large number of strain gauges of various sizes, strain indicators; There is a small loading frame with 5 t capacity displacement controlled loading. Bending tests of wooden, steel, concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete building elements (beam, plate) up to 12 m length; testing of frame systems up to 12 m length and up to 4 m height; are possible to be performed under static and displacement controlled loads.


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